A Rite for Men to Consecrate a Phallic Idol for Use in Ritual

Ground and center.
Light a red candle and breathe deep.

Hold the Phallus in your hands.
Feel a light permeate your aura.
You are filled with light.
Allow your consciousness to drift down into your sex.

Feel your groin tingle, growing brighter with each breath.
Be aware of your cock… source of pleasure… and power
Allow yourself to become aroused.
Sexual arousal is a sacred gift from the gods.

Feel the life-force in your testicles. Each humming with life… radiating, pulsing.

Allow yourself to get hard.
Imagine breathing energy through your cock, feeling it pulse.
Be aware of how this pleasure extends outward from your sex and through your whole body.
Feel how your body is a sexual instrument, empowered by the pleasure radiating from your genitals.

Breathe deep and say, “Sacred Staff, I praise You.”

Being aware elf these physical sensations, breathe them upon the idol and feel the energy flowing into it;
permeating it with light… imagine it now infused with the presence of the God.

Imagine the idol as the actual member of the God…
you hold His sex in your hands.

With sacred oils anoint the shaft
with seven strokes and read this charm:

“Wild God of Flesh and Vine
I conjure you by hands of love
Into this idol now reside
The serpent joined to sacred dove.”

With your essence now anoint
and kiss the rigid tower’s peak,
with silent blessing in your heart
When the candle melts the spell’s complete.