…which is right now my hotel room. 😉

Daniel, my mother, and myself met up with my sister and her boyfriend for a nice Disneyland trip!

The staff at the Grande Californian Hotel rock. Last year I had a dissapointing trip to Disneyland (long story short several rides were closed and so I ended up complaining to the management, something that I never do. What did they do to make it up to me? Offer me a greatly reduced rate at their fine hotel and free tickets to the park. So now we are here having a great time.

But it doesn’t end there… when they checked me in I got to bypass the line of people, and then I got a direct line for a person to help me out with all of the things I might need during my trip. Cool… that never happened when we stayed here before. And last night when we came back to the room we saw that not only had our beds been turned down… but there was a plate of chocolate cookies along with two glasses of milk on ice waiting for us… with a note from the manager of the hotel. That was great enough but then we turned around and saw that not only had they left us the traditional chocolates for our pillows, but we also now have a sequoia tree planting kit. Wowzers… they sure are doing a lot of make sure we are happy.

And we are… having a blast, in fact. Yesterday I finally got to ride the Matterhorn (it’s always been broken when I have come here… I was beginning to think that it was really just an extravegant piece of decor and that its status as a ride was an urban legend…) and we also got to ride their new ride, Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters… (so awesome… must go again today)… this morning we will attempt to go to the new Space Mountain… I’m really looking forward to it.

So… we are having a really nice vacation. Gotta run, now… I will post more later…