Pantheacon was so much fun for Chas and I. This was our first time, and I was a bit nervous since I was participating in a panel, as well as selling some of our art.

I am happy to say that the panel went wonderfully, give or take a few technical glitches. I was happy to be there in the presence of so many talented Feri people. It really gave me a good dose of feeling good about my tribe. I really needed that. Thorn Coyle treated us to her singing talents, along with Sharon Knight… Michelle Jackson talked about tarot and passed around her beautiful deck. Anaar, talked about art as possession. I chimed in with some stuff about fear and art. Great questions were asked. We talked a lot about our individual processes. It was over before we knew it. I even sold a few pieces, which was nice. I had a great time and I hope to be back next year.

Meanwhile we are still in the process of setting up a business. We couldn’t open a business account right away ’cause we haven’t received our business license in the mail yet. Apparently you used to just be able to bring in your proof of business name, but since the Patriot Act that is no longer the case. It’s not that I disagree with it… it’s just that it’s sort of creepy that I have now been personally affected by the Patriot Act. Spooky.

But here’s the part that sucks… We also have to wait until the state certifies our general partnership. It sucks because if Chas and I were married then they wouldn’t need that step, and it of course costs money. There’s a lot tied into that whole marriage thing that most people don’t even think about.

Speaking of gay marriage, can I just say: wow. Chas and I are wanting to go and get in line, but we can’t really bring Patt with us… I guess we’ll just wait and see how this all plays out… The cause is certainly not lacking for numbers, it would seem. Yay!