And here is another meme! Comment on this post. I will choose seven userpics from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.

I responded to grey_twolf and he asked me to explain the following icons:

 Peacocks: This is from one of my pieces, “The Love of Gods and Men”. Drawing form imagery from the Feri tradition, it’s about same-sex male love, and pride… things that I’m totally into. 😉 I tend to use it when I am talking about something sexy, compassionate, or dealing with my relationships.

 Bluegod: Again with the Feri! The BlueGod is the spirit of eroticism, as well as spiritual enlightenment. As a priest of the BlueGod I tend to scatter his images about me wherever I go. Again, I use this when speaking of things sensual, or spiritually erotic.

 Bloodrose: This is a tip-of-the-hat to that lineage of the Feri tradition in which I was originally trained and initiated. The rose is the Western equivalent of the Lotus, signifying enlightenment, and the continuous unfolding of awareness. The five petals are reminiscent of an inverted pentacle, representing spiritual energies mediated down to the physical. The oroborus surrounds it all, signifying the ever-presence of the Goddess. I usually use this when talking about Feri, especially things specific to my original lineage.

 BlackHeart: In the Feri tradition (are we seeing a theme here?) the term The Black Heart of Innocence  is used to poetically refer to the natural state of the soul, unfettered by outside social restrictions. I use this in Feri posts, especially those centered around freedom, or just when I want to draw particular attention to the post, since it is animated. 😉

 Wonder Woman – Bracelets: She was my original Goddess figure. A spirit of truth, compassion, and non-patriarchal power, I use this when speaking of woman’s rights, spirituality in pop-culture, or just when I’m feeling sassy. 😉

 Melek Ta’us: The Peacock Angel, a representation of the Blue God as described in Middle Eastern myth. This particular image I based on Paul B. Rucker’s piece of the same name. Again, I use this primarily for Feri related posts.

 Bluerose: A reworking of Bloodrose (see above) and used to represent posts that have to do with my unique lineage of Feri also called Bluerose. In various myths, the blue rose is a symbol of that which is just beyond our reach… a spiritual goal that exists not in the physical, but perhaps in the otherworld. It feels very Faery to me.