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Hello all!

It was a bit delayed due to us learning the new software, but it is here and we are quite proud of it. It is with great pride that I am finally able to announce the arrival of Witch Eye #11: Secrecy in Our Craft.
In this issue we have attempted to address a concern that many have had of our tradition, and of the Craft at large. While some of us are quite secretive about our practices, others are much more open. Does secrecy help or harm us in the long term? How do we know which is the correct approach for us? What specific things should or shouldn’t be kept  secret? And perhaps most importantly, in the face of these differences, how do we get along with each other?

Witch Eye #11. Click HERE to order!

Highlights for this issue include:

Why Have Secrets: A Pentacle of Elusion

Knowledge Hard Won

The Secret War of the F(a)eri(e) Tradition

The Pentacles and the Tree

Hidden Powers : Discovering Secret Identities

Pagan Ministry

Secrets: The Balance of Power and Risks

…as well as some beautiful art, poetry, and even a little bit of Feri humor!
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We are always looking for new content from creative Witches who want to talk about Feri tradition spirituality.
Initiates, teachers, students, seekers… we seek to print material from all points of view on the Feri spectrum.

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Upcoming themes for future issues include:
Sex and Feri, Pentacle Practices, Ethics of the Craft, and Dreams of Victor

Submission deadline for Witch Eye #12: September 20, 2005

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Many blessings…