In keeping with my personal commitment to create at least one art piece per month, I would now like to “catch up” for this year by posting the following pieces, which can be now collectively be found on my Feri Tradition Gallery. In addition to these, I have also added a Witchboard category to my online gallery that contains the talkingboards that I have designed for Carnivalia.

But without further delay, I am proud to present…

The Guardians of the Feri Tradition:
Click each for more info or to purchase.

I am selling both the original paintings, as well as signed prints. These are currently hanging in my temple with directional altars underneath. This was a really fun projects despite being in an unfamiliar medium for me. (Note that I hardly had anything else in my Paintings category before this.) I will likely be doing more Guardian projects in the future. For those of you keeping track these paintings are loosely based on some little sculptures that I did of the Guardians several years ago that I then photographed and turned into a collection on my website, as well as into LiveJournal icons (see above).

After these new pieces were complete, I decided it might be fun to incorporate them all together into one digital image, so in addition to the above I present, “All Four Stars are One” (and the cover for the upcoming Witch Eye #14):

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