I’ve been really busy as of late, but I am proud to announce another piece of art coming out of my studio.

Here is a Witchboard that I designed for Carnivalia:

‘Eye of the Storm’

(Click image for more info, or to purchase.)

I was originally hired to produce the above design for a small movie company for an upcoming horror film, but when they flaked I decided to make it available from Carnivalia instead. The original specifications had me design a board in the style of the old world boards that were popular in the heyday of Spiritualism. They wanted it to appear to be on ancient wood, complete with wormholes. We plan on offering a special version, complete with the worm-eaten effect for Halloween. For now here is my take on an ‘old-school’ spirit board. Each element was hand drawn by me, including the font which is based on Berylium, one of my favorites. The faux wood-grain is from several photos of wood that I combined together. The planchette is an original design by chas_bogan.

I am also working on some new paintings, some of which will make an appearance in this next Witch Eye, which we are busily working on as I write this. It should (hopefully!) be available in the next couple of weeks.