After discussing it with other initiates, I have decided to make the information and art that was on my secret Feri page, available to the public. Now, all of my non-oathbound Feri materials can be found on one page: HERE.

I had originally wanted it to be a community building tool just for initiates and students of Feri, but have come to realize that there are many, many others who have no such “official” connection and who could possibly benefit from a little more Feri stuff. The many requests that I have received from interested seekers were moving and respectful. There are so many individuals who long for Feri study, but who have no access to an initiate/teacher in their area. Perhaps this little bit of art and lore will be able to tide them over until they can study proper.

Disclaimer: For the Feri-fundamentalists out there I should point out that I have not revealed anything that was oathbound in my line, and I will not do so. But keep in mind that there is actually very little in Feri that is officially secret, and those secrets do not (and will not) appear anywhere in my public work. If you have a problem with something that I have posted, please email me to talk about it. I doubt I will take it down, but I’m always open to the discussion.