Items Used:
Green Candle
“Earthy” incense, such as sandalwood, cedar, or patchouly.
A toothpick or another sharp item to etch on a candle.

Breathe deep. Holding the candle in your hands begin to focus on your goal. “See” it as if it has already happened. Take your time with this. Allow the feeling-sense of the goal to permeate you as you will it into the candle. Using the toothpick, etch symbols, prayers, names, etc. that are relevant to your particular financial situation, still focusing on charging and/or aligning the candle toward your magical goal. (I tend to make sure that somewhere on the candle I will carve a dollar sign ($), but if you are in the EU, for example, you would want to use the sign for Euros (€) and perhaps even a specific amount.) Imagine that the candle is now glowing and throbbing with the power of your goal. It is just waiting to be released into the universe by burning.

Place the candle in a holder and take three deep breaths. Notice the silence at the end of your breaths, how it is the primal state of being, the backdrop upon which everything else is created. Before the time of creation was the Void. Allow yourself to “tune-into” that Void now, invoking the primal state that contains all possibility. Imagine that your breath is infused with the potential that is present in all of possibility, manifest and unmanifest.

With your attention still tuned towards your goal, light the candle and say:

“By the light of candle bright,
by the breath of dark abyss,
I call abundance now to come,
And revel with me now in bliss.”

Know that as the candle burns, the potential that you have placed within it is now transforming into something more real. Being transformed visibly into light and heat, and invisibly into manifestation, the energy of your goal is sent into the universe where it will plant the seeds that will sprout and grow into your magickal goal. Allow the candle to burn all the way down. If you cast a circle you may disperse it before the candle has burned out or afterwards, it is entirely up to your intuition. When the candle is burned out you may wish to keep the remains (if any) as a reminder of your rite until it is manifested. This too is up to you.