I just wanted to wish every one a wonderful Holiday, whether you celebrate Xmas, (or Christmas for you Christian types), Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Solstice, Ramadan, or even Festivus.

This was/is a quiet holiday for me. While in years past we have enjoyed a house full of family and friends, this year everyone had other plans, so it has just been Chas, Daniel, Patt, and myself… so a normal household here in these parts. I admit to at first being a little sad about it, but the quiet is actually kinda nice.

I also got some good bounty this year… even though I haven’t yet had the opportunity to sit on Santa’s lap. (Santa daddy! Are you listening? I’d still love to tell you what I really want for Xmas!) 😉 I got a snazzy black faux-leather jacket (it’s PVC, baby!) from my husband Chas, along with a pressed fairy book and what is likely the worlds smallest tarot deck… He also gave to me an encyclopedia of Witchcraft from the Element series (to match my encyclopedia of 5000 spells by the same publisher) as well as this way cool curvy swirly metal stake that is adorned with 5 peacock feathers. I think it’s supposed to be a plant spike, but I think it will find its way into my temple. All hail the Blue God! 🙂

Daniel got me the new Serenity DVD (yay! Such a great movie!), and my mom got me some groovy new clothes, along with tickets to go and see Lestat: The Musical next month. She also got for Chas and I an opportunity to hire someone to watch Chas’ mother for a weekend so that we can slip away and do something just the two of us sometime. That is so needed. Thank you, mom! And last, but certainly not least, my new boyfriend crocheted for me a scarf in the style of peacock colors (it’s so beautiful, and really touching that he made it himself!). I feel loved this season. 🙂

All this along with good food, mimosas, wine, and playing with my Bandaloop have made this a good holiday for me. The only thing that would make it better would be to also be able to spend time with my friends, my family, and with my Fredo. But that will all come in time. Of course there’s still the Santa’s lap thing… anyone wanna play Santa for me this year? 😉

I hope that everyone is having a good season and that you all are rewarded for your good deeds with health, love, and prosperity. And maybe an Xbox. Or whatever else your heart desires.

Happy Holidays everyone!