I find myself quite contented today.


My art projects are moving happily along, as is my love life. It’s true that I’ve been feeling a bit of angst here and there about it, which I suppose is normal where falling in love is concerned. Everyone talks about the flowers and butterflies of love… but what of the madness? Falling in love is rather like falling into the abyss… you never quite know what you’re going to get, save for the fact that you’re not in control of any of it.


Luckily I am a Pisces and so I am quite content (there’s that word again!) with giving up control and becoming the ‘leaf on the wind’, so to speak. (Or would that be a guppy in the river? Oh, well… these metaphors only take you so far anyway.) Of course that doesn’t stop me from wanting the current to take me to a wonderful place that is safe and secure… so I’ll just hang on and hope for the best. What else can I do?


We’re going to Disneyland in 15 days! For two nights! I’m so excited! J I’ll be the only one driving, and I’ve never done the trip on my own before, but between coffee and MapQuest I’m sure I’ll be fine. Plus I’ll have a cute guy by my side so that will make it all the better. I’ll just need to make sure that I pay attention to the road and not his pretty face.