It’s not often that I am able to begin a narrative with the words, “So, I was so drunk last night,” so imagine my joy that this rare occurrence happens today.

So, last night we ventured out to the opening night of The Obscure Curio, a new once-a-month Goth/Industrial/80’s club in San Francisco, put together by DJs DOMGDOMG, and Orko. I had a really wonderful time. I got to see Fredo, which always makes my heart skip a beat. We danced, and talked, and generally enjoyed each others company. I also got to watch him dance all sexy on the dance floor with some hot guys which I am embarrassed to admit made me feel the tiniest bit jealous. Not enough to be weird, mind you… just enough to make me want to grab him and pull him toward me. OK.. OK… so I always want to pull him toward me. So sue me.

I got to talk a bit more with the charming Philip, who gave me his blessing to be dating his partner. (Isn’t  polyamory fun?) It was weird at first (not exactly the kind of situation that you get prepared for in school) but it was actually very good to hear that from him, as I like him and wouldn’t want to be doing anything that he wasn’t comfortable with. Yay for communication!

Rachel and Star where there too, which is always a treat! I always love dancing with them. Star got tired and left early, but it really wasn’t all that early. We, of course, stayed to the bitter end, Chas helping Daniel carry his CD books back to the car… me slightly staggering in the lead. Hey… I’m an Irishman, what can I say? Well, other than “Thank you barkeep, I’ll have another…” 😉

I recently descended back into smoking cigarettes (after having quit for seven years! Eeek!) and last night I had too many. I am putting a cap on it right here and now. I’m not saying that I wont ever do it at all, but I am certainly not going to be doing it everyday, even if only a few as I have been doing for the last couple of weeks. I think I shall limit my smoking to when I go out, which isn’t all that often, and then we shall take it from there.

All in all a very wonderful time was had by all. I am looking forward to seeing the club grow. The music rocked and the crowd was mixed and got along nicely. I think this might be the new place to go.