Choose a crystal or stone that has some meaning to you and hold it in your hand. Sit in a comfortable position and relax. You may wish to read this meditation aloud in a group, or make a tape so that you can use this on your own.

Breathe deep. Allow your body to relax. Become aware of tension that may be in your body. Acknowledge it, and breathe. Imagine a soft blue mist all around you. See it swirl and change as it enters your nostrils and flows down your lungs. See it flowing downward until it reaches an area just below your navel. There it compresses into a ball of brilliant blue light. With each breath, it glows brighter. Breathe into it. Now breathe into those areas of your body that are holding tension. Allow the blue light to softly caress your muscles, releasing the tension as you exhale.Breathe deep.

From where your body is touching the floor, you begin to feel a strange sensation. Cords of energy, like the roots from a tree, are forming there, and traveling down into the Earth. With your awareness, follow them down, deep into the Earth. There is darkness all around you. You begin to feel as if you are falling. Down, down. Spiraling downward into the dark Earth. Breathe deep.

The stone in your hand begins to tingle or get warm and you can now hear a strange humming coming from the stone. Almost like singing, unlike any that you have heard with your ears. You focus your awareness on it, and it pulls you towards itself. The singing grows stronger and suddenly, the singing is all around you. You notice that you are no longer in your own world. You have traveled to another place, a place inside the stone. There is an entire landscape here, although it may be different from ones that you are used to.

Stand now to face the North (whatever feels like North) and see what there is to see and hear. What do you feel from this place? Examine the details of the North, and then turn to face the East (again, whatever feels like East) and observe the landscape. Allow yourself to take in all there is to see, and feel. Turn now to face the South and examine what there is to see and feel. Turn to the West and do the same. Now turn to the North again. Breathe deep. Turn now to the center and see what this place holds for you. You have just completed your magick circle. You stand now in sacred space that extends as far as you can imagine. Above, below, within, without—all are sacred, and protected here.

Raise your arms to the sky as if praising it. Call down the power of the stone through your body. Invite it to merge with your own that its’ message may be known to you. You may receive a sign, or you may just have a feeling of power. Whatever the sensation, allow it to move freely through you. Feel this to its fullest. What gesture would represent this feeling? Perform your special gesture. Now think of a special word or sound that you can associate with this feeling. Say it out loud or to yourself. You can use these techniques later to call back this special power. Give yourself the time that you need to experiment with these tools.

Now you may wish to explore this new world. If there is a direction that you feel drawn to, allow yourself to travel there, knowing that you walk in sacred space. Examine the ground you are walking on. Is it hard or soft? Rough or smooth? What kind of things are in this place? Do you hear anything? Sense anything? Allow the essence of this place to fill you.

When you have examined this place to its fullest, you may journey back to your circle. If you have any questions that you’d like to ask, do so now, knowing that the answer will come to you in some fashion. Stand in the center of your circle, and thank the center for being here with you on your journey. Face the North and see if anything has changed. Turn to the West and thank the West for being present with you today. Turn to the South and thank the South. Turn to the East and give thanks for its’ protection and guidance. Now turn to the North. Give thanks and mentally open the circle. The circle is open but forever unbroken.

Breathe deep. You begin to feel your body raise into the air. Softly, with each breath you float gently upward, upward, until you are surrounded only by darkness. The singing you once heard is around you again, but fading, drifting away into the dark. You can feel the stone in your hand once again as you breathe deep. You float upward and you can feel your body more clearly now. The image of the room you are now in comes more clearly into view as you breathe deep. Your consciousness now aligns with your body and is anchored into place. Clap your hands together 3 times and say your name out loud. Feel the edges of your body to remind yourself where you are.

You may wish to eat or drink something as doing so encourages a feeling of groundedness. Doing this, or a similar meditation on a regular basis will encourage a personal connection between you and the world of the stones. Feel free to change the meditation to suit your individual needs.