I’ve received a lot of questions concerning the operations of magick. Many believe (as Hollywood would have you) that for a spell to be cast, you must first collect the proper tools and materials. For instance, many have come to me convinced that the magickal operation that they wish to perform vitally depends on the use of a particular color candle (Red for love, Green for money, etc.) What many fail to realize is that the only tool that is necessary is a strengthened Will.

Much has been written on the subject of the Will. Some have defined it as Intent, but that definition seems to be more associated with the processes of the mind alone, leaving the realms of Spirit untouched. I have heard it also described as “character”: self-discipline, honesty, conviction. While this definition touches many of the key aspects that are necessary to understand the Will, it too fails to elaborate on the intensely spiritual quality that is at the heart of this very real power.

Perhaps it is because of its’ spiritual implications that it is so difficult to describe. The ways of Spirit seldom settle for mere words to praise them. They must be experienced, truly felt.

Take some time with the following exercise. Give yourself some time to really get into it. Turn your phone’s ringer off, lock your door. Relax.


Breathe deeply. Every work of magick must begin with the breath. In many cultures, the word for breath is the same word for Spirit. Breathe it in!

Close your eyes, and allow yourself to relax. Become aware of your body, where you are tensed or relaxed. Imagine that your breath is rushing into those tense areas, filling them. With your exhale allow the tension to flow out from you on your breath. Give yourself awhile with this.

Now is where we really get to use our imaginations. Pretend (because any child worth their weight in Fairy Dust will tell you that the power of pretending is a formidable one) that you have power. Imagine that the forces that drive the Universe are flowing through you. You may wish to say a favorite prayer or poem that inspires you. Or you can say something like:

“I call to the True Source of all Creation,
to the One Power that is also Many,
Blow through me like a cleansing wind,
Burn in me like a raging flame,
Flow through me like a rushing river,
Be in me like an ancient stone,
Guide me like the brightest star.”

“See” it like a Blue Fire that permeates everything. “Feel” it as a real force flowing into and through your body. Allow it to rush inward with your inhale, and to flow outward with your exhale. Get to know it. Become one with it. (Don’t be discouraged if this part takes some time. Real magick takes effort. If it didn’t, everybody would be doing it.)

The important thing now is to experiment with it. Try singing with it. (This is great in the shower.). Try moving it around your body. This can be done by placing your hands out in front of you palms facing each other. Imagine that this energy is traveling from one hand to the other. Try changing its color. Notice what it feels like to you. Some feel it as a tingling, or as a heat. Some describe it like a coolness or even simply as a “knowing”, whatever the sensation, physical or otherwise, focus on it until it becomes a familiar one. This is the first step to performing magick (and one of the most important, so don’t underestimate its power.)

When you feel confidant running energy in this way, you can try “programming” it with specific qualities (Love, Courage, etc.) by focusing intently on the quality and noticing the flow of energy that accompanies it. You can then imagine this energy into a stone and carry it with you, or you can imagine it into food before you eat. The possibilities truly are endless and with each new experiment you will have raised your capacity for magick!

The important thing to remember about these exercises is that consistency is the key. It’s not going to do you any good if you just do it a couple of times and then forget about it. Try to perform them at least a couple of times a week. Then you will be on track to increasing your power. Blessed be!