The Wheel of the Year has turned from the harshness of Winter again, bringing us into the energetic realm of Spring. Traditionally speaking, Spring has been associated with the prospering of life, and with new romances (“Spring Fever”). We also hear something about “Spring Cleaning” which is a time to get rid of the clutter of Winter in order to make room for new life to flourish. Different religious traditions have provided myths and rituals concerning these energetic shifts in order to help us incorporate them into our daily experience. The Christian traditions celebrate Easter at this time, which glorifies the resurrection of Christ and can be seen as a metaphor for the rebirth of nature—new life arising from death. Modern Witches continue to celebrate the ancient festival of Eostre, whose’ name is that of the Teutonic Goddess of the Earth, and view the season as a time of fertility and growth. The origins of dyed egg hunts, and even that of the elusive seasonal rabbit, lie in the heart of these ancient traditions when life depended on the fertility of the livestock, and the abundance of the harvest.

We know that this is a time when life begins anew, with new wildflowers on the hillside and baby animals scurrying amongst the trees. Now is a time to get in touch with nature, and the natural rhythms of potential and growth, but what does that mean to someone who lives in a city where the greatest dose of nature seems to come from the local park or even one’s own backyard?

In the modern age our busy lives seem little concerned with agricultural abundance, but fertility as a flow of energy is much more than just a bountiful harvest! To connect with the seasonal tide of this time is to enrich our internal landscape, allowing us greater opportunity to allow our own creative ideals to flourish, connecting us with our own deep self. Just as the ancients used this time to begin planting the years’ crops, so can we ‘plant the seeds’ of self-transformation and then extend this change into the world around us.

What follows is a simple ritual that you can use to connect with the energies of the season. Feel free to change it to suit your needs as there is no “one right way” for everyone. The lesson of spring is one of power through the diversity of life.

For this ritual you will need a candle, a small packet of seeds (flower seeds, vegetable seeds, etc.), a spoon or small shovel, an egg, a felt tip marker, a small pot or an area outdoors suitable for planting, a small token of offering (whatever you feel is appropriate), some water and, a good attitude. I will assume that you will perform this out of doors, but simple adjustments can be made in order to accommodate for an interior working.

First, take your candle in your hands and say something to yourself like “I invite the springtime into my life. I am blessed by the Universe.” Light the candle and imagine its’ light all around you giving you the energy to start a new way of life.

Next, take the marker and write the name of something that you would like to accomplish on the egg. It can be something like “New Job”, or “Art” if you need to devote more time to your creative endeavors, again whatever is important to you. Place the egg on the ground in front of the lit candle. Meditate on them for a moment.

Now, take your spoon or shovel and dig a small hole in the earth. Imagine you are “working the fields of your internal garden”, making it ready to receive new ideas and ways of being. Make sure that you feel the earth with your hands as you dig.

Take your packet of seeds and plant some in the ground. You may wish to say an affirmation for each one, such as “I have more time to write”, or “Job offers are pouring in.” Take your time and really feel that each seed is a message to the earth that will be answered in its’ own way.

When you have finished planting, pick up the egg and hold it in your hands. Let your hands warm it as you visualize your goal as already being completed. For example, see yourself happily working at a new job that is perfect for you, or merrily signing copies of your latest book! When you can see every last detail, break the egg into the hole and bury it along with the seeds. You can either let the candle burn out (if you plan on staying to watch it!) or you can blow it out to send the energy on its’ way. (Follow your intuition for this one.) Water the seeds and leave your offering. Now all that’s left to do is to allow the universe to provide you with what you’ve asked for. This is best done by doing something on the physical plane to ‘coax’ the energy along (such as getting a small notebook to write in, or turning in job resumes.). We have to be willing to meet the universe half-way! Most importantly—don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t manifest right away. Sometimes we need to work through and discard certain energetic blocks before we can manifest our desires. (Maybe that’s where the idea of Spring Cleaning comes in!) Blessed be!