As we move southward, the temperature begins to rise. Face south and breathe deep. Let your body relax. Allow yourself to drift into the darkness. Become aware of a light before you. As you focus attention on it, you begin to float towards it. As you get closer, waves of heat flow over you. Now you can see, and you realize that you are standing in a great desert. The air is dry, and the wind is hot. The noonday sun looms overhead. There is a warmth from the sand over your bare feet. Look around you, to see what this place has to offer. Take your time.

On a nearby rock rests a great lion, who watches you closely. You can sense awesome power from the beast. As you connect with the animal, it lets out a terrible roar, and you feel your awareness jump! With each breath, you travel inward. Spiraling in and down into your Self.

You are no longer aware of the desert, or the lion. You are only aware of the darkness around you, broken only by a dim, pale light ahead. As you focus your attention on it, your eyes pull you deeper towards it. You are deep within yourself. You can feel the great power here. Feel the heat in your body, and the energy within each cell. See and feel the electric spark as each synapse fires and impulses travel from nerve to nerve—a thousand times in the blink of an eye! Feel the strength of your power! Know that to channel this power is to create real change—to perform magick! Feel this knowledge in your body. Feel it with your will.

As you watch this power in your Self, it occurs to you that it’s like watching the most strange and beautiful lightning in the worlds, as it dances around your nervous system. As thoughts are forming in your brain, miraculous patterns of power and energy are created. But as some patterns are created, so others are also destroyed. Feel the power of your determination, your will.
Be aware of yourself as a conduit for energy. Energy flows in and through you. You need only to be open. And now feel the responsibility that comes with this power. A flame can heal the sick. A flame can provide energy. But a flame can also burn. A flame can be dangerous. Think of a time in you life when you felt powerful, energetic. Perhaps a time when you caused a major change in your life, or the lives of those around you. Or maybe a time when you “got the job done” when it wasn’t expected of you. (You may, of course, make it up. The important idea here is the feeling.) Feel this sensation. Imagine it as a combustion of energy that is firing within you.

Reach down to your belt and hold your athamé, your blade. Feel it in your hands. See how it is an extension of your hand when you hold it. Notice how energy seems to travel up and through it. This is the tool of the will, that spiritually focused intent that makes things happen. Feel your fire within, and will your awareness back to the desert.

In the desert, the sand is warm on your feet and the air is hot and dry. The sun still looms overhead, and the lion watches attentively. Feel your internal power. Will your power to arise. Feel it like a volcano, beginning to erupt. Sense the frantic energy that is going on in your nerves and brain. Allow it to rise, in your body and spirit. Raise your knife, and trace a large pentagram of red fire in the air before you. This is the gate to the elemental realm of fire! The flame of sun and star! The raging wildfire. The life-giving hearth fire. The campfire that cooks a meal. The power of determination, of energy. The passion of lovers. Wildness. Rage. These are the gifts of fire! Feel the heat from the pentagram and open yourself to it. Say:

“Hail Lord of the Sacred flame! Open the gate of my will.”

A tongue of flame reaches forward and touches your left shoulder (or left hand). You consciousness opens up, and absorbs the flame. Allow it to become one with the flame! Feel the red flame licking you, changing you. Feel your power grow! Feel the old dead parts of your self being burned away, to make room for new growth. Know that all you need for power is to light a candle, to tend a fire, to watch a star. You can feel your own fire, and feed it when necessary. Give yourself permission to build your internal fire as big, or as small, as you need. When you have fed enough, say good-bye to this place, and thank it for what it has shown you. Take a step backwards and address the pentagram:

“Powers of the South, powers of fire.
I thank you for my will.
I thank you for my strength.
I thank you for my passion.
Thank you for the power of my body
Thank you for the power of my mind
Thank you for my spirit.
Sacred flame, may there always be peace between us.
Blessed be.”

Open your arms and wave the flaming star away. Watch it as it travels out of sight. Say:

“Hail Lord of the Sacred Flame! Thank you for opening wide the Gate! Blessed be!”

Look around you. Thank the lion for whatever gifts you may have received, and will yourself into a dark place. Let your breath guide you higher, higher, until you are floating upward. With each breath your awareness expands, and you are aware now of this room. Ground any excess energies. Return to normal awareness.