Yesterday Chas’ mom died.

We had just seen her late the night before; she had gotten up out of bed on her own and called out for assistance to get to the bathroom. After we attended to her and tucked her back in, it was 1 in the morning.

We got up early to get ready for work and found her on the floor next to her bed. She was asleep and snoring, so Chas tried to rouse her. But she just wouldn’t wake. I walked in to see him calling to her and lightly slapping her face, but she snored through the whole thing. I called 911…

They came and could not revive her, so they took her to the Emergency Room down the block from us. Chas followed along and I zipped to the store to open it for our newest employee before getting the call from Chas: come back, because they want to remove the breathing tube and let her go.

Apparently she had massive bleeding on the brain. Whether caused by the fall or the reason for it they could not say. She was on blood thinners and apparently this is a concern when on them. I got there and then they removed the tube. She struggled a bit afterward, but then about 10 minutes later she passed as we comforted and sang to her.

I have never watched someone die before. Although I knew that she was already “gone”, I still was amazed at the simple energetics of being present while her souls became detached from her body. No longer a prison, her body became an empty vessel. Her life-force lingered, flickering in the room for a bit afterward, and then was gone.

Patricia Bogan Murray (born Patricia Mae Wellbrook), 1941-2009.
May you find footing on your continued journey, and may it bring you much peace, joy, and happiness.