We are those who stand between; the primal and the divine… the light and the darkness… the spirit and the flesh. As in the Old Tales we call the trance upon ourselves; induced madness so as to ride the waves of dream and inspiration… to seek the gifts of power and prophecy. We dance around the fire to the beat of the drum and we become possessed by our Gods who infuse us with their power and teach us how to live, and thrive, to die, and to evolve. We journey beneath the world to seek healing, power, and vision… treasures beyond those known in the Middle World… and we return to share what we have learned with those who have the eye to see. And those without will turn about, and never hear the fatal shout!

The Faery tradition is a unique and diverse spiritual path of passion, inspiration, and sorcerous soul development.

Faery (also spelled Feri, Faerie, Fairy, etc.) is a form of American Traditional Witchcraft passed down by Victor & Cora Anderson and those initiated in a lineage tracing back to them. Hallmarks of the Faery tradition include shamanic practices, as well as a growing legacy of symbolic, meditational and inner exercises. A highly personal path, it has old and strange roots; influences that include African & Celtic spirituality, Huna, esoteric Christianity, sexual mysticism, Middle-Eastern theology, ecstatic practice, and many others.

A practical manual of Faery tradition witchcraft…

Betwixt and Between: Exploring the Faery Tradition of Witchcraft
By Storm Faerywolf
Foreword by Orion Foxwood
Paperback. 360 pages
$21.99 US / $25.50 CAN

“Storm Faerywolf deftly shares powerful teachings and techniques for those who would seek to know the way of Faery, helping Witches on any path find their way deeper into the mysteries.”―Christopher Penczak, author of the Temple of Witchcraft series

Faery (also known as Feri) is a tradition of great power and beauty. Originating in the West Coast of the United States separately from the Wicca tradition in England, Faery’s appeal is grounded in its focus on power and results. This book provides the tools you need to begin your own Faery-style magical practice. Discover the foundational mythology and rites of the Faery tradition as well as steps and techniques for:

Creating an Altar • Summoning the Faery Fire • Engaging the Shadow • Exploring the Personal Trinity • Purifying the Primal Soul • Working with the Iron Pentacle • Aligning Your Life Force • Developing Spirit Alliances • Journeying Between the Worlds • Exploring Air, Fire, Water & Earth • Enhancing Faery Power

Personal experimentation and creative exploration are the heart and soul of Faery. The rituals, recipes, exercises, and lore within will help you project your consciousness into realms beyond this world, opening you to the experience of spiritual ecstasy.

Below are some essays and art inspired by my work in Faerie.

Scroll down for a description of my BlueRose Faerie training classes.

For more info about Faery tradition, please visit FaeryTrad.org.

My background…

I have been practicing witchcraft for over 30 years and the Faery tradition for more than 20. I have lead open witchcraft circles, given lectures, and taught classes in the San Francisco Bay Area and across the USA since 1990. I was initiated into the BloodRose line of Faery and have continued to study from other branches of the tradition, incorporating those practices and teachings into my own. I am the author of Betwixt & Between: Exploring the Faery Tradition of Witchcraft, a practical manual of Faery magical practice, as well as The Stars Within the Earth, a collection of devotional poetry and spells. I was the editor of Witch Eye: A Journal of Feri Uprising and have had my work featured in both print and digital media. In 2007 I was passed the Black Wand, a title that was conferred upon me in a rite by several initiates, most notably Faery Grandmasters Cora Anderson and Anaar. I am proud of this tremendous honor and strive to live up to the responsibility that it entails by making myself available to the spiritual community as a teacher, sorcerer, and priest. As a holder of this wand I am the founder of my own lineage of Faery, BlueRose, which focuses heavily on trance experiences, sorcery, and the cultivation of personal gnosis.

The Training…

I offer BlueRose Faery training in two basic forms: In-person classes from my store in Walnut Creek, CA, and long distance via phone or the internet. Both are presented in three stages: Novice, Practitioner, and Dedicant.

In-person group sessions are monthly and last roughly 4-6 hours. (Check the schedule for current offerings.) Students will have access to my private class online forums and will be expected to make weekly check-ins detailing their current work. Potential in-person students should check my schedule for current availability.

Long-distance Practitioner (and potentially Dedicant) training is offered on a continual basis using both e-mailed lessons and scheduled voice sessions using phone or the chat program Skype. Course length is determined largely by the pace of the individual.

As a student you will be expected to keep an ongoing record of your experiences, devote the time and energy necessary toward performing specific meditational exercises on a regular basis, participate in class discussions, as well as turn in weekly check-ins describing your progress.

Enrolling in my classes indicates that you have read and agree to my class policies.


This level begins with Black Rose, a 13-month online course in Witchcraft, which serves as the first year of training in Faery. Here you will learn the basics of our Craft as well as some different ways to approach your magical practice. We will work with elements from many different magical paths and in keeping with the nature of Faery tradition, we will pull them all together to deepen our work.

Those who graduate this course are eligible to apply to BlueRose Practitioner class.


1-2 years
$75/month, subscription
$825/year, prepaid

PREREQUISITE: Level 1: NOVICE (Black Rose Witchcraft) and the book, Betwixt and Between
REQUIREMENTS: “Community service” to the Black Rose online community.

This class expands upon the basic Faery material taught in Black Rose and truly begins the journey into Faery/Feri tradition. Using discussion, monthly (roughly 1 hour) private sessions, guided trance, energy work, art projects, and ritual, we will experience various aspects of the tradition culminating in the establishment of a Faery tradition spiritual practice. Students who complete this course have the option to receive a certificate of completion. This class does not offer Faery initiation. All three training levels are required for consideration of initiation into the Faery tradition priesthood.

Covered topics include:

  • History of the Tradition
  • The Iron and Pearl Pentacles
  • The Black Heart of Innocence
  • The Elements of Faery
  • Opening the Crossroads
  • Spellwork, Sorcery, and the Left Hand Path
  • Casting the Faery Circle
  • The Watchers/Guardians
  • The Divine Twins
  • Ancestral Work
  • The Infinitum (The Feri ‘Gods of Infinity’)
  • Altar Building
  • The Shadow Lover
  • The “Primal deities”
  • The Three Worlds
  • Working with the Faery Rose Tree
  • The Amethyst Pentacle
  • Journeying the Faery Realm/Working with Faery Contacts

III. Dedicant

Course length determined by pace of individual
No charge
By Invitation Only

PREREQUISITE: BlueRose Practitioner Level
REQUIREMENTS: “Community service” to the Black Rose and BlueRose communities.

Those who are determined to be candidates for Faery initiation will be invited to join this class at no charge. This intermediate-to-advanced class begins with the Taibhsearachd, the BlueRose rite of dedication and bestowal of the Second Sight. Here, we build upon the previous work, incorporating deeper techniques of working with one’s Shadow, work with particular underworld spirits and divinities, poetic and bardic expression, astral projection, and shadow work. We will work with elements of ancestral worship as well as  divine possession, practice with specific inner temples, angelic and overworld practices, the confrontation and integration of personal demons, work to embody ecstatic spiritual service, and the achevement of one’s “grail”; a personal obstacle of some importance and difficulty. This level is largely one-on-one, though some group and community involvement (either in-person or online) is required.

Covered topics include:

  • The Goddesses of the Elements
  • Sex Magic
  • Working with the Faery Power
  • Psychic Opening and Protection
  • The Warrior’s Will
  • Astral Projection
  • Dream Work
  • Creating/working with a Servitor
  • Working with Plant/Stone Spirits and the spirit of Place
  • Poetic & Sigil Magic
  • Healing and Hexing
  • Visiting the Graveyard: Working with Spirits of the Dead
  • The Witches’ Familiar
  • Opening the Western Gate
  • Angelic/Star Magic
  • Demon Work
  • Divine Possession
  • Confronting Death/Making Death an Ally
  • Luciferian Gnosis
  • Advanced Invocation Techniques
  • Working with the Void

Looking to host a workshop or event at your store or location within the U.S. or internationally? Interested parties should email me with their booking questions.

For more information, please email me, or write:

c/o The Mystic Dream
1437 N Broadway
Walnut Creek, CA 94596