UPDATE: It has come to light that that to which I was responding in the original post was a fiction created by a very depressed person who was looking for community. Having stumbled upon a faction of the Faery tradition that views public sharing to be anathema to their values (and who have been harassing me for years) this person decided to ingratiate himself to their group by feigning a negative connection to me. What is presented below is just one of the many versions of the story that he told. In others it was I who was the villain, much to the delight of the Faery-split cult, who eagerly spread the unsubstantiated rumors like manure. Within 5 days the truth came out, and I was exonerated and received public apologies from the two most major perpetrators. (The Wild Hunt, May 14, 2018) 

It pains me to know that this situation may potentially deter the actual victims of sexual abuse to step forward, fearing that in light of false allegations that their own stories might not be heard or believed. I want to say that I think it is absolutely necessary that we believe and support those who come forward with their stories, even as we work to substantiate them. As someone who has had to publicly speak out about sexual abuse within my own tradition I know all too well the lack of support that victims often receive. Surely we can do better.


Original post:

It has recently come to my attention that there is a man in the Maryland area, going by the name “Awen” who is misrepresenting themselves as one of my initiates. Not only have I never heard of this person they are adding injury to insult by propositioning students for training in Faery tradition and then informing them that in order to be dedicated or initiated then they must engage in unprotected intercourse. This is an affront to the tradition that I hold dear, not to mention basic decency. No legitimate Faery teacher would insist that a student engage with them sexually at all, let alone in such a risky manner. To lure a student into the training (and for the record I must assume that this person is not a legitimate initiate, or else why would they lie about their relationship to me?) and then insist that the student does something sexual with which they are uncomfortable or even recklessly dangerous is a form of cultic rape.

I guess it’s a sad marker of being semi-famous that this person has chosen my name in order to give themselves an increased aura of legitimacy. So let me use what little semi-famous platform I have to publicly condemn this person and their actions. This person has no honor. And may the Gods of the Craft strike down his glamor, revealing the truth of his ugliness to all around him. May his days be filled only with mirrors, revealing to him the horror and ugliness of what he has done. May he know no peace until he repents. IO EVOHE! So Must It Be.