All hail Verr-Avna, Goddess of the Primal Earth in the North!



The Goddesses of the Primal Elements are unique Underworld forces that serve as an energetic blueprint for the physical elements that we know of in the Middleworld.

This strange Goddess is the presence of earthly matter and space, and the processes of energy coalescing into a tangible form. She is depicted here among a tomb and also a fetus; reminding us that birth and death are one and the same. Verr-Avna often appears to me as a decomposing corpse wearing a black wedding dress! In my work with Her She would often perform feats of physical prowess unattainable by the human form, such as walking on walls or the ceiling, as if to demonstrate that physical laws do not bind her, because she is physical law, which includes those laws that we have yet to discover. Here she is shown with a backdrop of stars, reminding us that the earth element –the element of manifest creation– goes far, far beyond the confines of just our own planet. It is She who tends the Great Cauldron in the Underworld and gives form to those intangible energies of life that would otherwise remain inert. She is the great womb and tomb in one; the eternal presence of death that feeds and gives birth to life. She walks calmly among dark branches, which also grow out of her hair, entangling our own planet to show that we are bound by her laws.  She is life; She is death. She is Verr-Avna.

Primal Goddess of the Earth
Deep Well of Space and Outer Dark
Who tends the Cauldron,
Who giveth form
From death into life
Through your womb all life is born!