From the book I’m reading now… something to ponder…

The ‘human’ and the ‘faery’ are two poles of our being between which we oscillate through our transmigrational cycles of rebirths, our countless discarnations and incarnations. In other words, the Sidhe are ourselves awaiting birth in middle-earth and we ourselves are the Sidhe awaiting our return to Elfhame. The faerie Craft is concerned with regaining the totality of our awareness, bridging our human and faery natures and activating the ‘Sight of the Two Worlds’ or ‘Second Sight’, the faculty of trance-seership and direct spiritual vision into Elfhame.’

-Nigel Aldcroft Jackson,
The Call of the Horned Piper,
Chapter 9: “Faerie Witchcraft & the Geography of Elfland”