By forest tree and mountain dark,
By bone and flesh and star of north,
By our bodies, by our life,
Spirits Green I call ye forth!
From the outer darkness, I conjure earth.


By rushing wind and gentle breeze,
By rising sun where things begin,
By our thoughts and by our minds,
Spirits Yellow now come in!
From the whirlwind, I conjure air.


By warmth of fire and dancing flame,
By white-hot star and Cauldron bright,
By passion, will, and quickened blood,
The Spirits Red, I call this night!
From the eternal flames, I conjure fire.


By the rain and by the flood,
By the tide and by the moon,
By our laughter and our tears,
I summon forth the Spirits Blue,
From the watery abyss, I conjure water.


All four stars in this place be,
Combined to call the Fifth to me,
By the four made one I call ye forth,
By spirits’ song I call ye in.