Today marks Election Day in the US where we have the civic duty of choosing who will steer our country for the next four years. There has been so much in the way of orchestrated lies (a common occurrence in American politics, to be certain) that I wanted my spellwork to address that.

While many of my brothers and sisters of the Craft have been invoking classical deities to assist them in their workings, I have always been partial to more modern forms. I have previously written about my spiritual work with Wonder Woman as a modern Goddess and at the suggestion of a friend recently, decided that this form would work best for the type of working that I envisioned.

While the election itself is absolutely important, the damage that was been wrought by the Trump campaign is very real and has served to deepen the cultural wounds that threaten to harm us in this country. Whomever wins the election there will still be these wounds to deal with. And so I call upon the power of Wonder Woman to act as a sort of Guardian Angel to help guide the country in line with her stated values of truth, compassion, justice, equality, and power.

The candle is lit. An offering has been made. May her light guide us in the weeks and months to come. May she keep us protected and bring truth to light.

Formed from clay of Paradise
and brought to life by Goddess power
You are the champion of your sisters
You left your home to teach men peace.

Named for ancient Roman Goddess
the maiden huntress of the moon.
You fly into the face of danger
to rescue freedom from men’s evil.

With silver bracelets as your shield
deflect attacks with deft and speed
Render them as harmless now
Let no violence by you pass.

With your magic golden lasso
Burning with Hestia’s cleansing flame
you bind events and worldly leaders
and force them to act and speak in truth.

Your etheric plane, patrols the skies
moving with the speed of thought,
it changes shape and changes minds
gliding on the wings of peace.

Holy Princess, Goddess, Warrior
We call you from between the words
of time, of myth, of space, and sense,
Join us here and hold us close
and teach us how to live in peace.