I went to go and see DCD last night in Oakland. It was so beautiful… even though they did not play my favorite song (Cantara) it was a magical and religious experience for me. Lisa Gerrard’s voice, as always, is incredible and flawless… and Brenden Perry is nothing short of amazing. I probably could have done with a few less of Lisa’s very slow droning solos, though beautiful, were beginning to trance me out to the point of sleep at times. Her final song, The Hymn for the Fallen was, I felt, an odd choice for a final piece, but hauntingly beautiful nonetheless. For those interested, you can read a recent interview that the SF Chronicle did with here here.

I have wanted to hear them live since I first heard them on the radio several years ago. Hearing just one of their songs, (The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove) inspired Chas and I to immediately go out and buy three of their albums on the hunch that we would like most of their stuff… needless to say we were not disappointed.) I’m so glad that the three of us were able to make arrangements to get out of the house together to go and be a part of this.