One of the apsects of my magical practice that I enjoy most is the art of making sigils and I am happy to now be offering this special service to the public.

A sigil is a magical symbol that is created in order to harness the deep powers of intention and desire. Sigils are powerful tools used for communicating our deep desires to our own unconscious. Many religions and spiritualities believe that this is our own personal gateway to the divine, what some call God Herself.


For $20, in trance and with the assistance of my spirit guides, I will use the letters of your name, intention, or prayer and create & empower a sigil that embodies the essence that those words carry. This symbol is in magical resonance with the words of your prayer, name, or intention and may be used in several different ways. When complete, I will email you a PDF with your sigil (or, for $10 more plus tax and shipping, I will print it on heavy parchment paper, empower it in a ritual and then send it to you via postal mail) along with some suggestions for how you may use it to help manifest your goals and bring about the changes that you desire.


A sigil can be created for any name, idea, or goal. Short, potent phrases work best, such as:

“Money comes to me quickly and easily.”
“I am safe, secure, and protected.”
“I attract perfect love.”
“I am proud and confident.”
“John Doe is in perfect health.”
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