I have updated my schedule with a few more classes, located at my shop in Walnut Creek.

Parking can be validated at the Cypress St. garage across the street. Call the shop at 925-933-2342 for more information or to register.

In Honor of GLBT Pride Month:
The Amethyst Pentacle
with Chas Bogan and Storm Faerywolf
Sunday, June 22

Meditation is a powerful tool that we can use to gain awareness and to live our lives more fully, but many of the tools and models employed by the main-stream religions are heterosexist, if not blatantly homophobic. The Amethyst Pentacle was created with this in mind, providing a symbolic map of some common experiences of the queer practitioner – regardless of sexual identity.

The Amethyst Pentacle seeks to illumine certain experiences and to show them as a healthy part of a larger whole. Each point on the pentacle embodies these concepts in such a way so that we may then approach them from a place of balance and clarity, seeing our experiences as necessary catalysts for transformation. We will journey in trance to each of the points on the pentacle so that we may cleanse our relationships to them and reclaim our birthright as queer spiritual beings.

Chas Bogan and Storm Faerywolf are both initiated priests of the Feri tradition and have been partnered for over 15 years. In addition to his spiritual pursuits, Chas is an artist and craftsman, and Storm is a poet and visionary artist. For more information, visit their websites at www.carnivalia.com and www.faerywolf.com.

The Three Souls of the F(a)eri(e) Tradition
Tuesday, June 24

Many cultures espouse the multiplicity of the human soul. From Polynesian Huna, to traditional Jewish & African beliefs, an awareness of our three souls has manifested in many ways through time. Modern spiritual systems often recognize and encourage communion with our “higher self”, but this is but one of the facets of our existence. In this class we will explore the three souls as taught in the Feri tradition of witchcraft and learn how to commune with each of them in order to bring them into alignment, assisting us in one of the most vitally important foundational steps toward our own spiritual evolution.

Foundations of Feri: The Water Cleansing Rite (Kala)
Friday, July 11

Cleansing rites are an important part of any spiritual path, and especially so in the Feri tradition. In this class we will discuss different methods of cleansing, and especially the Water Cleansing rite (Kala). We will then perform a version of the rite together to help assist our transformation of weakness into power.

Foundations of Feri: The Iron Pentacle
Friday, July 18

The Iron Pentacle is one of the most important tools of self-transformation that the Feri tradition has to offer. In this class we will delve into each of the five points of our beloved pentacle to see how they play out in our lives, as well as invoke this symbol in ritual to see how and where we are in or out of balance so that we may then begin to reclaim our lost power.

I hope to see some of you there!