New updates March 2021

It's been awhile since I updated my site. This is just a notice that updates are in the works here and we hope to make them live in the next couple weeks. I just turned in the manuscript for my next book: "The Witch's Name: Crafting Identities of magical Power" which details various methods of [...]

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The Love of Kings

Today seems like an appropriate day to celebrate artistically with something akin to a same-sex marriage. I have been tinkering around with making one of my poems into a song for awhile, and I came up with a musical arrangement for it. Mind you, I have no real idea what I'm doing... I have zero training [...]

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Poem: The Divine Twins

  THE DIVINE TWINS By the starry light above, behold the soaring azure dove. By the darkness far beneath, the scarlet serpent bears his teeth. As each do turn to spy the other brother, enemy, and lover And each to arms now leap and soar To meet on earth in bitter war. By talon, fang, [...]

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A poem

Opening the Way Sun that shines within my chest illuminates the moon below that calls with lust unto the heavens To seduce the stars and so in rapturous love they fall. Holy star above my head shining down upon my path where grows the tree of tombs and starlight where cross the roads of worldly [...]

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Poem: The Story of Melek Ta’us

The Story of Melek Ta'us 7/22/2010 a poem

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A Poem from my book

Because a friend was talking about it today: The Forgotten Ancestors by Storm Faerywolf They are without name and number without face or memory Or shade Or form But still they live As hungry ghosts feeding on the crusts of bread And the kindness of strangers. But they are not unknown to us Not completely. [...]

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Black Heart Poem

I've been busily writing down all these exercises that have been dancing around in my brain for years now, as I am finally getting to a place with some of my students where I need to have them written down. This is a portion of a Black Heart invocatory exercise that I recently wrote. Enjoy, [...]

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