Initiation Announcement

I am pleased to announce that last night, in the presence of the Old Ones and blessed by the auspice of a blood red moon, my apprentice, Puck D. Coyote (puckdecoyote), was brought into the inner circle of the Feri. He has studied with me for several years and I am proud to now call [...]

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Black Heart Poem

I've been busily writing down all these exercises that have been dancing around in my brain for years now, as I am finally getting to a place with some of my students where I need to have them written down. This is a portion of a Black Heart invocatory exercise that I recently wrote. Enjoy, [...]

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A Poem… a Spell… a Teaching… a Prayer

The Sacred Fire ©2007 Storm Faerywolf Like a fire so it shines Bright against the empty dark Dividing into perfect two And with light, so then color A splendid texture rich with hue. This flame it burns against the cold Against the snapping madness of the unknown It warms the blood and stills the mind [...]

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