What follows is a semi-traditional listing of candle colors and their associated properties. Remember that no list is absolute and that, ultimately, you must use what feels right to you as symbols in magick are like symbols in a dream: personal and mutable.

Red– 1st Chakra, Fire, Life-force, Anger, Love, Lust, Power

Orange– 2nd Chakra, Fire, Sexuality, Healing, Attraction

Yellow– 3rd Chakra, Fire/Air, Power, Anti-depressant, Abundance

Green– 4th Chakra, Earth/Water, Healing, Compassion, Growth, Money/Prosperity

Blue– 5th+Higher-Self/Ascended-Self Chakra, Water, Emotions, Divination, Communication, Peace

Indigo– 6th Chakra, Spirit/Ether/Force, Divination, Clairvoyance, Psychic Ability, Spirituality

Violet– 7th Chakra, Connection to Spirit, Higher Healing, Guides, Angels

White– Higher-Self/Ascended-Self Chakras, Purity, Cleansing, Peace

Black– (reversing) Hexes, Protection, Grounding, Banishing, Binding, Underworld meditations

Brown– Earth, Grounding, Healing of Animals and the Earth

Pink– Love, Romance, “Soft” emotions

Silver– Moon Magick, Goddess Power

Gold– Solar magick, God Power

Dressing a Candle:

Invoking: Start from the outside tips and work inward to “draw-in” the desired energies.

Banishing: Start from the middle and work outward to cast away unwanted influences.

Using an appropriate oil (or one that you are drawn to) begin to rub it into your selected candle while visualizing your magickal goal as already having been completed. When you light your candle, you are giving thanks to Spirit for the blessings that you have requested.

A simple prayer for cleansing a candle:

“By this oil (water, salt, etc.) you are cleansed,
By my will you are ready for magick.”

A generic prayer for lighting a candle:

“In the presence of the light of my Higher-Self,
I light this candle in the name of   (name of goal) .
I give thanks for as this flame burns, (name of goal) surrounds me.”