The official release date is this coming Sunday: Jan. 8. But that hasn’t stopped people from getting their hands on it, anyway. About a week before it was “supposed” to release, I started getting reports from people on or near the east coast who had just randomly picked it up at their local bookstore! (The same thing happened with Devin’s book, so I shouldn’t have been so surprised.) It was a nice surprise! I, of course, am hoarding all my copies for my release party, where I will be reading from the text and signing copies. (I’m also told that there will be cupcakes; first come, first served and I’m having two right off the top so don’t be late.) 😉

More info here:

If you are in the area please come by! My book will be 20% off through this Sunday. 🙂

Or, you can still order a signed copy here: