My author proof came today! (Well… the digital PDF version, anyway; the paper version is en route.) I’m so excited to be watching these little milestones as the book moves through the stages of manifestation.

This book has been a labor of love. I have taken the material that I was taught in my several years studying the tradition, and have re-cast it through the lens of my personal experience, re-writing incantations, exercises, rituals, and liturgies so as to make them both unique as well as traditional. While no book or single teacher could ever hope to fully encapsulate the essence of what it means to be and practice Faery witchcraft, I feel this book goes a long way toward providing the seeker with a viable yet flexible structure in which they can better experience some of what it means for us to be practitioners of the Faery tradition.

I have almost a month to go over this latest version and report any changes, and then it goes to print in November!

Pre-orders available now from Llewellyn Worldwide. Separately, I will be offering some pre-order specials for signed books and other perks soon. Stay tuned!