I am grateful for the tremendous amount of support I have received in the wake of the release of my new book, Betwixt and Between: Exploring the Faery Tradition of Witchcraft. It has been such a tremendous honor to be able to present what I think is valuable and beautiful about this unique tradition of the Craft that I hold so dear to my heart.

It has been a practice that has inspired much in me in the way of poetry and art, to be certain, but it has also assisted me in those times in which I have felt weak and powerless, offering me a way to cleanse, and to heal,to help me deepen my perspective, and strengthen my resolve. It offered me a way into the witch’s dream; the oneiric communion with spirits beyond this plane, a hallmark of witchcraft, across all times and places. It fed my soul. It strengthened my will.

I found my way to Faery first as a child through dreams, then later through books, still later through study, and eventually through initiation into a sacred priesthood. I have offered long-term apprenticeships in the tradition for 15 years, developing the material that was taught to me which I have reworked and rewritten over the years, the result being many of the exercises in this book and the lineage of the tradition that I founded, BlueRose. This book offers a workable BlueRose Faery-style witchcraft practice for those who wish to engage the powerful techniques of our tradition, but do not have the benefit of access to an initiate who can train them.

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