So some of you may have read in my husband’s journal about our recent battle with Megahosters, our web hosting company for the past year. I just wanted to put it out there that everything has been worked out fine and we are staying with them. In a nutshell they had tried to cancel our “Everlasting” (lifetime) hosting plans for two accounts that we had purchased (from a web hosting company that they purchased a year ago) because they were losing money. After several emails, and finally a phone call, they agreed to simply combine my two lifetime accounts with my  third, monthly paid account and increase the disk space and bandwidth limits. So, in essence, I will pay no more than I do now, and will have no increased restrictions than I do now. It all amounts to a simple internal restructuring on their part. (Apparently separate accounts cost them more money than having all three domains under one account.)

So it’s all good. Thank you to those who sent me words of support and alternatives for web hosting. In the end we are staying put because Megahosters made the effort to make things right for me and it is still a great deal. $9 per month is the normal price for one domain/account, and I now have that for three. Not too shabby, plus they have 24/7 phone and IM tech support.