The East is where the sun rises, and so is where all things begin. Sit and face the East and say “Honor to the Sacred Air.” Close your eyes and begin to breathe in a rhythm, allowing your breath to connect you to the powers of Air. Feel how your breath moves in a circle. Notice how it ebbs and flows, like the wind. Imagine your breath as a great wind, rushing and roaring over and through you. Make noises like the wind.

Imagine yourself standing on a mountain top. Feel the wind blow past your face and shoulders. Feel the vastness of this place. Continue to breathe it in. Above you flies a hawk, circling. Smell the freshness of the air, and imagine a bright yellow pentagram hovering before you. Know that this is a gateway to the elemental realm of Air, and that all the powers of Air emanate from this place: the powers of thought, the mind, the power to know. Focus on the center of the pentagram and call out:

“Bright Lord of the Air, open the gate to me that I might Know.”

Imagine the winds of change blowing through you. Imagine your breath merging with the wind, the clouds. Allow yourself to feel this energy for awhile. Now, imagine a yellow flame, from the center of the pentagram, streaming towards you. It is the essence of all that Air is. See it touching your right foot, permeating your being, giving you the power to Know. When you feel sufficiently energized, allow the flame to return to the pentagram.

In your strongest hand, hold (or imagine) a wand. It can be of any length, shape, or substance so long as it makes you feel powerful. Know that the wand is a tool of the Air, a tool of the mind. It is an extension of your consciousness into the real world and used to direct power. Feel the power of your mind. Know that you have the ability to influence others and sense the awesome responsibility that comes with this power. Remember a time when you had to stand up for what you Knew, a time when you had to make a difficult choice—and followed it through. Let that feeling flow through you, and out through the wand towards the Eastern Gate, as a connecting link. Feel your oneness with the Air, with your mind, the power to Know.

Know that the Air is always around you to lend inspiration. Thank the Air by saying:

“I thank you for my breath. I thank you for my thoughts. I give thanks to the Sacred Air!”

Imagine the pentagram floating away into the distance, followed by the hawk. Thank the God by saying:

“Thanks to You, bright Lord of the Air! Blessed be!”

Return to normal awareness.