Opening the Way

Sun that shines within my chest
illuminates the moon below
that calls with lust unto the heavens
To seduce the stars
and so in rapturous love they fall.

Holy star above my head
shining down upon my path
where grows the tree of tombs and starlight
where cross the roads of worldly form.

A breath! All is One!

The liquid diamond
Rises like fire
A whirlwind of force.

A breath! All is One!

The heart that now blazes
that knows joy and sorrow
and steers a clear course.

A breath…

Eyes of starlight.
Crown of diamond.
Aligned in power.
The Sight awakened.

A light…

From the darkness
The universe born.

A song…

from you all things emerge
to you all things return.

A form…

By the earth, Her fertile body
By the air, Her vital breath
By the fire, Her quickening spirit
By the water, Her teeming womb
By stars above,
By stones below,
And heart within
This place prepared.