Chas and I were finally able to take a day for ourselves recently and go out, just the two of us.

A friend came over to watch Chas’ mom and so we were able to go out for a romantic getaway. We decided to drive up to Harbin Hotsprings, spend the day soaking in the pools, and getting massages. It was wonderful! Exactly what we needed. It was like a whole vacation rolled-up into one day. Neither one of us had ever been before, and so we didn’t know what to expect. For those of you who don’t know about it, it’s a clothing optional resort that has several pools of varying tempatures… Three of the pools are for quiet meditation and are naturally heated or cooled. The hot pool they said was 116 degrees… you definitely don’t want to stay in there very long, but the water felt great! A slight smell of sulphur (no big deal) indicates that the pools is naturally heated… the cold pool is about 60 degrees… a great place to soak after spending some time in the hot pool… and finally the warm pool… the largest of the three meditative pools… ahhh… bliss. There were a bunch of people soaking, and cuddling together… gay and straight alike. A beautiful threesome of men were there and snuggling together… a white guy, a latino guy, and an asian guy… very nice. The vibe was so free and respectful. It was exactly what we needed.

A huge fig tree hovers over all these pools, shading them (making them perfect places for me to spend time with my Irish-white skin). The water would reflect light up onto the leaves, and would cause me to trance out. I spent some time running the Iron Pentacle and then admiring the sea of hot naked men that were wandering around the wooded paths near the pools. 🙂 There was a time that I had to stay in the pool extra long because I would have embarrassed myself had my lower half rose above the water. 😉

We’re hoping to be able to go back sometime soon… I highly recommend it to anyone who can get there… a very relaxing and healing environment with a spiritual atmosphere.