Well, if you read chas_bogan‘s journal then you know that it was a night for strange dreams in my house last night.

Mine was about alien invasion. Supposedly.

I am standing outside of the house that I grew up in, looking at the moon and marveling at how it looks as if there is a tremendous amount of volcanic activity going on. The surface appeared molten and cracked, as if veins of lava were flowing over the exterior. My friend Melissa smoked her cigarette while we debated the cause and then noticed that not only had the moon moved closer, but that we could now see that the glowing orange and crimson effects were the result of some type of Giger-esque technology that completely enveloped the lunar sphere. At one point something that used to be a great crater now was a type of porthole out of which poured what appeared to be numerous sparks, each floating toward the earth before disappearing into obscurity. Our concerns grew when we noticed that some of those “sparks” seemed to take on a life of their own, changing direction and speed at will, after entering the upper atmosphere. The only explaination we could think of was that the earth was being invaded, so I went into my mother’s room to wake her and let her know.

“Oh,” she said with a drowsy tone, and went back to sleep. We all waited to see what would happen next and I woke up.