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A poem

Opening the Way Sun that shines within my chest illuminates the moon below that calls with lust unto the heavens To seduce the stars and so in rapturous love they fall. Holy star above my head shining down upon my path where grows the tree of tombs and starlight where cross the roads of worldly [...]

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Poem: The Story of Melek Ta’us

The Story of Melek Ta'us 7/22/2010 a poem

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A Witch by any other name…

My article, Crafting the Warlock, is live on the Witches Voice. Check it out and tell a friend! (No, really... I want it to have lots of "hits".)  ;)

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The F(a)eri(e) “Community” (and why I am against it)

It happens every so often; an issue rises to the attention of some Feri initiates that ruffles their feathers and soon people are grabbing torches and pitchforks. It's a pattern. It's predictable. You can practically set your watch by it. Details behind the cut...

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Hoodoo and the Roots of Feri Tradition

I am often telling my students that if they are really interested in the Feri tradition, then they need to expand their magical studies to include hoodoo. When I first came to Feri it was often described by initiates as being a "Left Hand Path". I understand this to mean that it is a path [...]

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I have released a "preview version" of my latest article for Witch Eye, "Crafting the Warlock". You can see it here. The print version will contain artwork and a ritual. Stay tuned for details!

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I have updated my class schedule for the summer. This summer I will be offering the following classes at The Mystic Dream:Reiki IReiki IIMaking Mojo: Spell Pouches for Practical MagicHoly Writes: Written Spells and Sigil MagicCandle Magic: An Introduction to an Ancient PracticeAdvanced Candle MagicJourney Into FaerySoul AlignmentSpiritual Cleansing & ProtectionCheck the links above for [...]

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Post-Pantheacon thoughts (2010)

I sit here this morning in my store, sipping coffee and taking a moment to reflect on all that happened during the convention this year. I was so happy to be able to see so many friends, many of whom I don't see any other time, and (as always) was happy to have made some [...]

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The Three of Swords, ©2010

Three swords pierce a crimson heart, which bleeds into a river of sorrow. Clouds gather as the sun sets; ending all hope for a bright outcome. The Three of Swords is a melancholy song of separation and loss; a sad reminder of the finality of all things, and the inevitable loss of [...]

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