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The Fairytale of Equality

"Individual rights are not subject to a public vote; a majority has no right to vote away the rights of a minority; the political function of rights is precisely to protect minorities from oppression by majorities." ~Ayn Rand I'm not usually into Ms. Rand, as she tends to be invoked fiercely by the conservative right... [...]

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From our day at the beach. A couple days later I opened up my laptop and this picture with the caption was set as the desktop.

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A poem…

Under the Stars by Storm Faerywolf Daring took me hand in hand Evening fell as did my heart Veil lifted, oh such splendor! Imagination has not prepared me Never have I felt this way before. He looks deep within my eyes and soul Underneath the dancing stars Night has claimed our hearts as one Together [...]

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A poem…

This one I wrote while at Feri Camp during Thorn's and my class on creativity: Women of Song ©2009 Storm Faerywolf There is a meadow down below where women sing a velvet tune and dance within the golden sun and praise Diana of the moon. With lilting voices raised up high into the open azure [...]

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Name that Quote (please)

I remember reading, somewhere, a little statement about Sufism that really stuck with me, and I'd like to use it in the book I am writing, but I can't remember where I read it. :( I've used it (or at least the gist of it) several times as an example of ecstasy and so I'd [...]

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The Stars Within the Earth, on Amazon!

My book is now available on! I was wondering if maybe somebody could post a (hopefully nice) review there since there's nothing so far? Link here. Thank you!

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The transitional spirit altar

Chas set up this altar for his mom the day after she died. Some flowers, a glass of water, a white candle, some lavender flowers in some Florida water, her wedding album from her second marriage turned to a page with pictures of her with Chas, her eyeglasses, and a dish of her favorite treat: [...]

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Musings on a life now over


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Farewell Patt

Yesterday Chas’ mom died.…

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The Goddess Revealed

Because a long-time massage therapist recently left due to an injury, Chas and I find ourselves needing to completly rennovate one of the practitioner rooms in the back. This hasn’t been done at least since the ’80s; bad pastel wallpaper …

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