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Secrecy, Copyrights, and What’s Underneath

Recently I was fool enough to enter into an online discussion regarding material used within the Feri tradition. To the casual observer it would appear that this discussion centers around copyrights of said material, and the moral implications of ignoring them, but as I have been in other venues where different manifestations of this discussion [...]

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Meme’s Pawn to Meme’s Pawn 4

Your result for Which Chess Piece are You Test?...The Queen's Rook The Queen’s Rook is a pensive, analytical individual. They don’t mind spending long periods of time on their own to work through problems. They may venture so far into thought they appear vacant or detached; often they really are oblivious of the world at [...]

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Jumping the Broom…

As Chas posted yesterday, we're getting married. Actually we've been married in our hearts for 15 years (yes... that's us way back then in the user pic), but only now has the state of California decided to wake up and smell the equality. We've set the date: August 30th. I wish I could invite a [...]

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Part Time Job?

Before putting a sign in the window, I thought maybe I'd post here first that we are looking for a part-time employee at the shop. I'd really like to get someone who has customer service experience, who is familiar with spiritual practices, and who is comfortable providing customers with advice for their magical operations. I'm [...]

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Back to Earth…

I am now officially back from the New Hampshire  and am happy to report that it was a huge success. I met so many wonderful people and I learned a lot. My classes were well received, even when during my Amethyst Pentacle class I completely blanked out on one of the pathways! Thank goodness for [...]

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