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Preview of my latest project

I have been toying with the idea of doing a poetry reading project for awhile now... and when Onyx asked me and several other Feri initiates to read Victor's poetry for the A Jewel for Cora project, I decided it was time to start getting busy. So here is a preview of my latest poetry [...]

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Spiritual Bigotry

I've been seeing a strange trend lately... well, strange to me. Since acquiring the store a few months ago, we have heard a few times that people were concerned that the energy there would become "too dark" now that we have taken over. Now, in general the response has been overwhelmingly positive... but as for [...]

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Need help With Stellar Myths!

I was hoping that someone (or several someones) could help me with a little project I'm working on... as part of our remodel and restructure of the store, we have decided to rename the suites (what are currently used as reader or massage rooms) after constellations. I wanted each name to reflect what type of [...]

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