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In case you missed it…

I just love her so much. I think I want Chas to make me a T-Shirt of this.

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Protected: Seasons Change

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Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! (and appropriate meditational movements)

Happy Birthday to yezida!!! I hope it's a great one! We need to plan a trip to Death Guild so I can buy you a birthday drink!

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Goodbye Esmeralda…

Alice Ghostley died yesterday. You may remember her from her character of "Esmeralda" on the TV show Bewitched. I have such a soft-spot for the cast of that show, as they were my first exposure to witchcraft and were directly responsible for me pursuing that path. (When I was two years old I told my [...]

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Feri Camp Extended Deadline!

Crossposted to Good news!  The registration deadline for the upcoming Massachusetts Feri Camp has been extended to September 28th! So if you still want to go, but were worried you couldn't register in time, now is your chance! New England Feri Intensive Exploring the Mysteries of Poetry, Madness & Death With Anaar, Storm Faerywolf, Michele [...]

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Memeage, it’s the word!

I have mucho new people on my friend's list! Yay! But for friends new and old, in an effort to get to know you a bit better... why not take time out from your job and waste precious company time by mis-using their internet resources? C'mon... you know you want to. Stolen shamelessly from queerpaganquill: Answer [...]

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Happy Birthday!!!

It's time for us all to celebrate that glorious day when the world was gifted with lonespiritwolf2. Happy Birthday, baby... I'm so glad I got to see you recently. I love you. :)

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Back from Between the Worlds…

I arrived home safe and sound early Monday morning from my week of camping at Between the Worlds in Ohio. I'm still adjusting to "the real world" (whatever that means) but I wanted to take a moment to chronicle my feelings and experiences at the event. Behind a cut, cause it's long...

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The next 500 days…

I love this man:

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Too funny…

Maybe this is what happened to Larry Craig!

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