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Who’s your favorite superhero?

This tickles me on so many levels: See Picture...

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Geek power!

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But of course Global Warming is just a myth, right?

Umm... did anybody lose an island? F*&%ing scary, peeps. Let's all unplug our cell phone chargers when not in use, k?

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Winter, and Bunnies, and Bells! Oh, my!

Some Xmas cuteness for you to enjoy!

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The Dark Heart of Christmas

I guess it's all about compromise... and I should learn to endure it with grace... but I am currently being subjected to the (tell me there's not more than one!) Kenny G Christmas album. Pray for me. Pray for my family.

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OK… I just had to…

I did two of these... so they're behind a cut. Read my Xmas Songs...

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The funniest thing I’ve seen all week…

I don't even know how I found this, but it made me laugh.Out loud, even. :)

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Protected: Huza, wha– ?? ;)

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