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Faerie Craft

From the book I'm reading now... something to ponder... The 'human' and the 'faery' are two poles of our being between which we oscillate through our transmigrational cycles of rebirths, our countless discarnations and incarnations. In other words, the Sidhe are ourselves awaiting birth in middle-earth and we ourselves are the Sidhe awaiting our return [...]

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Will the ‘real Feri’, please shut up?

If you are one of those who is concerned with the 'purity' of Feri and the need to 'protect' the tradition from becoming 'diluted', then you will likely wish to skip this rant although it might do you some good. There is no way to dilute Feri. Nor can you protect it. Feri is not [...]

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New art? Again?

Well... I have another art piece done. This one is inspired by Paul B. Rucker's piece, "Melek Ta'us" that appeared on the cover of the (now defunct) Pagan magazine "Green Egg" back in (I think) 1995. It was, in fact, his piece that first inspired me to begin making art as a devotional to the [...]

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New Art!

In keeping with my personal commitment to create at least one art piece per month, I would now like to "catch up" for this year by posting the following pieces, which can be now collectively be found on my Feri Tradition Gallery. In addition to these, I have also added a Witchboard category to my online [...]

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