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I’m back… and older then ever.

So I got back last night from my birthday Vegas trip. I had a BLAST. It was the best time I ever had losing money. Here's my trip in a nutshell: I smoked WAY too much on this trip. But thankfully have gotten it all out of my system now. Cold Turkey, baby!I drank just [...]

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The WaterMaker #1, ©2006

In the Feri tradition of Witchcraft it is said that the Guardians long ago came to our world from beyond the stars in order to teach humankind. It is also said that these beings "mated with the daughters of men" and produced a race of magickal beings; the Faery race, from which [...]

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Another Year…

Well, it's my birthday on Saturday and I'll be 35. Funny how this "time thing" just keeps going. But far from being upset at my ever increasing age I am reminded that each year I have been getting better. (I think I'm much sexier now than I was at 20. Certainly I am a bit [...]

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