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Last night at the Obscure Curio…

It's not often that I am able to begin a narrative with the words, "So, I was so drunk last night," so imagine my joy that this rare occurrence happens today. So, I was so drunk last night...

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Come and visit me…

If you will be in the SF Bay Area tonight, then why not come and visit me? Chas and I will be hanging out listening to the Gothic groove at a brand new club, the Obscure Curio: Drop by and say hello.

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Silly meme

Grabbed from the journal of plaidder: Silly meme...

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(Astrological) Samhain Blessings…

Today is 15 degrees Scorpio... the astrological marker for Samhain. I just emerged from my ritual circle with Chas to find that I just sold my first painting... Woo hoo! Go me! :)

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A Poem

On this cold day I offer a warm poem. My Sacred Lover 11/7/05 Long ago on moonlit night standing naked on the earth I called to Pan with open heart and so he came with pleasure's touch. From wooded darkness he did come from fervent rut and primal throb and horned he stood like blackened [...]

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New Art!

Working in my Feri symbols series... "From Iron to Innocence" ©2005 Storm Faerywolf Click above to read description or to purchase

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no patience

I can't wait that long. I'm shaving my head again. :)

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Website Update

Update: For those of you who are interested in Feri tradition material, I have added my piece from Witch Eye #10: The Gods of Infinity: The Lemniscate and its Presence in Feri Magick. I also have made available my recent art piece that I posted here the other day, "The Return of the Peacock Angel" as [...]

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Samhain Art

This year for Halloween I decided to sculpt and paint a mask to wear as a stylized form of Melek Ta'us, the Peacock Angel of Middle Eastern myth. Dressed in black leather, a purple shirt and a peacock feather, I completed this homage to the Blue God and went out dancing, thus connecting what are [...]

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Chas got this from somewhere... I just saw it and had to post it. I'm in a political mood.

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