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New Logo

Today I tweaked my logo... I think the butterfly wings were getting a bit stale.

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Blast from the past…

For several years Chas and I have had these random rolls of film following us around. We've moved, packed them along with us and eventually forgot completely what they were. But here they remain. Or at least did, until today when I finally went to get them developed. Only one of out the five could [...]

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Another in my Weird Dream series…

I just woke up from the strangest dream... Read my weird dream...

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I can’t stop looking at it

chas_bogan pointed me to this:

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Are YOU prepared?

Grabbed from the journal of leatherapron: via the Onion: Study Reveals Pittsburgh Unprepared For Full-Scale Zombie Attack

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Protected: The Life I lead…

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Resignations from the Bush Administration

This link was emailed to me today and I thought some of you would be interested. It details several (several!) people who resigned from the Bush administration, (either voluntarily or otherwise) often citing strikingly similar reasons. In some cases the administration attempted to put their own spin on the reasons these people left, but reading [...]

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New Feri Class forming – 2006

Cross-posted to : I am now accepting applications for a new Feri tradition class that will begin in January/February 2006. Feri Training - Level One (2 Years/50 twice-monthly sessions) Location: Antioch, CA $20-40 per month, sliding scaleThis foundational class deals with the basics of Feri practice. Using discussion, guided trance, and ritual, we will experience [...]

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Protected: The Broken Triangle

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Of Radios and Witches…

Today I gave a live interview for KKUP, a small non-commercial radio station based in Cupertino. I have been interviewed for print media before, but never for radio, and certainly not LIVE radio. For two hours we talked about Witchcraft, Queer Spirituality, and the Feri tradition. We even took callers who had some thoughtful questions ranging [...]

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