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What’s on your tombstone?

Take this quiz at

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The Power of Three…

First legal triad "marriage" performed in the Netherlands.

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Dead Can Dance

I went to go and see DCD last night in Oakland. It was so beautiful... even though they did not play my favorite song (Cantara) it was a magical and religious experience for me. Lisa Gerrard's voice, as always, is incredible and flawless... and Brenden Perry is nothing short of amazing. I probably could have [...]

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There is no point to this post…

...other than as an excuse to display my new Colin Farrel icon. ;) **EDIT: I changed it from an icon to just a picture... I mean, how many times will I really have cause to display an LJ icon of Colin Farrel simulating masturbation and giving head? Other than in my private time, of course. [...]

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Support Planned Parenthood: Pledge-a-Picket

I was made aware of this from my partner, Chas, who read it in the journal of blackthornglade: Read about this ingenious plan to turn the protesters of a Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood into a positive force for choice! It looks like perhaps a few locations are doing this now... So awesome!

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To Charge or not to Charge… Witchcraft and Capitalism

This is really simply a response to a post that elfwreck made in the  community. I am posting it here because it is rather long (too long for an LJ comment), because it has been an ongoing issue in the larger Witchcraft community, and also because my answers are personal to how I teach and conduct [...]

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Touch Tone Democracy

Support Gender Neutral Marriage in California I found the following instructions in a listing on I did it and it was incredibly easy. 1. This will take you less than 30 seconds 2. Call the California Governor: 916-445-2841 3. Push: 2 (voice your opinion on legislation) 4. Push: 1 (gender-neutral marriage bill - Senate Bill [...]

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East Bay Fund raiser – The Pets of Katrina

If you are in town and would like to come and listen to some music, have a couple drinks, and know that you are helping out with the relief effort, then why not join us for this event? DJ D.O.M.G (nullzeit) will be spinning tonight and chas_bogan and I will be in attendance. Come by [...]

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Sex and Creation Feri Intensive UPDATE

Crossposted to : Hello, all... I just wanted to let everyone know that after much discussion between the teachers we have decided to open up eligibility for the upcoming Sex and Creation Feri Intensive to anyone who has worked with Feri, either with a teacher or on their own. We realize that many of you have no [...]

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Rupert Murdoch Finally Gets it Right

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