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Picture of the Day…

By the talented Alex Ross...

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Silly Quiz

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The best vacation ever…

I arrived home yesterday from my trip to San Diego and I am happy to report that I had a BLAST! Click HERE to read about my Vacation...

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No Nukes!

A short movie from Ben of Ben & Jerry's about America's Nuclear Weapons:

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Guestbook Sniper!

Today I got the following entry in my guestbook (now deleted):Guestbook Entry: Sadly your art reflects no originality. Unfortunately all I see here are graphics you have gathered from sources on the web (i.e. google and yahoo images) and have added bits of clipart and color too, and attempted to pass off as your own [...]

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Website UPDATE

Happy Beltane! (And a big happy birthday to nullzeit!) In celebration of the Witches' sexiest holiday, I have uploaded two new art pieces to my gallery. Comments, though not required, are certainly welcome.  ;)

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