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Witch Eye: A Call for Submissions

Crossposted to Have you always wanted to share your creative Feri-centered spirituality with the world but didn’t know how? Well, why not contribute to the longest running Feri zine? The deadline for Witch Eye #10 is fast approaching (January 1st) and so we’re getting the word out that we are still accepting submissions. The spotlight [...]

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A Salty Liberal Shoots Back (Now with Links!)

I was sent this today and thought I'd share it. It's behind a cut-tag for length and expletives. ;) A Salty Liberal Shoots Back...

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Turn Your Back on Bush

I would love to see this happen:

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Republicans, and Michael Moore

Today I have two little treats for you all. First, my little story... Because I am a business owner, I received a phone call yesterday from the Republicans (who didn't at first identify who they were) asking me to attend a Presidential black-tie dinner as an "honored guest". I would get to meet Congress people and [...]

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Discordian Book Meme

(Stolen from puckdecoyote's journal) 1. Grab the nearest book. 2. Open the book to page 23. 3. Find the fifth sentence. 4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal...along with these instructions. My result: "This exercise is not only a way to remind yourself of your spiritual practice, but a way to notice [...]

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The (R)evolution begins with us…

My thoughts on the (R)evolution...

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Signed Prints available at

Because of repeated requests (and just plain common sense) I have added a shopping cart to my gallery so that you can now purchase signed prints of my artwork directly from my website via PayPal. The same shopping cart will also work for purchasing copies of Witch Eye, and (soon) for purchases on Carnivalia as [...]

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Protected: Reflections (and some pics!) of my Halloween

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